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Mom life Series - Putting your oxygen mask on first

Mom life Series - Putting your oxygen mask on first

I’m not claiming to be an expert in motherhood; I’m just a new mom navigating returning to work, maintaining my identity, surviving sleep deprivation, and staying balanced. As a health provider, I educate and encourage the importance of self-care. As an over-tired momma, I understand how prioritizing personal care is not easy. My pregnancy and birth experience were both pretty uneventful. Physically, however, I ended up with diastasis recti (abdominal split), a gnarly cesarean scar, knee pain, and general deconditioning. With returning to work, chasing sleep, preventing total house disaster and loving on a sweet baby, finding time to rehabilitate is difficult. Although it feels selfish at times, I have to make the conscious decision to put my health and fitness first. I find I am a better mother, wife, PTA and person when I’ve prioritized myself. Here’s how I put my oxygen mask on first before “adulting”….

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