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Spring Is a Great Time for a Yearly Detoxification!

Spring Is a Great Time for a Yearly Detoxification!

Spring is just around the corner!  It is the perfect time to take a week or so to do a yearly cleansing detoxification.  Generally I eat healthy, drink plenty of water and do my best to avoid environmental toxins.  However, the winter months and the holiday season can present a challenging time to follow my normal routine. We also live in a society where there is limited control over the toxins that come from the environment.   Each Spring I take the opportunity to “clean house”.  This isn’t a fast or a restricted calorie diet; instead it generally consists of a regime of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, chicken or fish and a combination of cleansing herbs and protein/cleansing drink. The foods that are avoided are refined flours, wheat, sugar, soy, dairy, caffeine and alcohol.   This year I used the Xymogen 6 Day Detox Kit which has been my favorite of all the ones I have tried so far.  The kit includes supplements that are designed to cleanse the colon and liver, draw toxins from the digestive and lymphatic system and provide your body with essential nutrients.

The Benefits of Detox are:        

·        Re-establishes healthy eating habits

·        Promotes weight loss

·        Promotes detoxification of heavy metals

·        Stabilizes the pancreas and blood sugar spikes

·        Cleanses the lymphatic and digestive system

·        Improves the look of skin, hair and overall appearance

·        Improve digestion and detoxify the digestive system

I also focus on creative recipes and continued to make our evening meal an interesting event.  We served sparkling water form wine glasses, setting a pretty table and cooked new and interesting dishes each night.  The most difficult items I found to avoid where coffee and cheese, which have always been two of my favorites.  The good news is, by the time the 6 days are over you lose the cravings for the things that should be limited in your daily diet and it is relatively easy to continue a healthy diet the rest of the year.

Want to give it a try?  We have Xymogen 6 day Detox Kits available at Northwest Wellness in Federal Way.  For more information, please call 253-927-0660.


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