Cold Laser Treatment


Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is the use of a specific wavelength of light over areas of the body to improve soft tissue healing, decrease inflammation, and diminish acute and chronic pain. When the appropriate wavelength and treatment times are used, LLLT functions by using phototherapy to help reduce oxidative stress and improve ATP production to increase cell metabolism. Simply put, LLLT uses a light source to penetrate to a cellular level and alter cell and tissue function.

LLLT is FDA approved and continues to be studied for treatment of various conditions, including nerve pain, joint disorders, carpal tunnel, and other various soft tissue injuries. Treatment of a specific area is simple and painless, and consists of about 5 minutes of light therapy that cannot be felt. Times vary based on the size of the treatment area. Direct viewing of the laser beam is strongly discouraged. While LLLT is not known to have any negative effects, use of the laser is not recommended on people with cancer or those who are pregnant.