Rehabilitative Exercise

Rehabilitative exercise is an integral part of injury recovery and spinal strengthening.  Dr. Lorri Nichols and Dr. Jolene Harlow design therapeutic exercise programs for each individual using a variety of protocols to return you to full participation in your daily life or your favorite sport.  Supervised exercises, proven to decrease pain, improve range of motion, flexibility and build core strength are at the heart of our program. Once you have mastered your supervised program you will be provided with a home exercise program to keep you fit and healthy.

At Northwest Wellness we use the online tool Physiotec to make personalized home exercise programs. This helps improve patients’ ability to comply with necessary home exercises and allows physicians to create a personalized program that can be accessed on tablets, computers, and Smart phones.  The professional studio pictures and clearly written instructions as well as videos help to lower the risk of injury and clearly demonstrate the proper technique. 

Lionel Orji

Lionel Orji

Lionel Orji, Clinical Exercise Specialist

Received a bachelors degree in Clinical Physiology with minors in Nutrition and Athletic Training from Central Washington University in 2011. Has been working in the fitness industry since 2009 as a personal trainer with extensive knowledge in vitamin and mineral supplements. In his free time Lionel likes to watch Netflix, rent Redbox movies, compete in power-lifting and bodybuilding, and hopes to become a pro in the next year. He has a passion for helping people become physically active despite their physical limitations.