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Lifting with your no no!

When picking things off of the floor there’s a proper way to do that so that you don’t injure yourself. Most commonly people tend to pick things up using their backs instead of their legs. Well, the problem is low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and 80% of the population will experience back problems at some time in our lives.

So what causes back pain? Poor posture, slouching, obesity, arthritis, etc. If any of these apply to you then you might want to reevaluate how bad your back pain may be.

How to improve your back pain? Many factors may go into your back pain ranging from chronic injuries, or acute soft tissue pain, to muscle imbalances, to extreme tightness so it’s best to see a healthcare professional to for a proper diagnoses. Many healthcare professionals such as a chiropractor, physical therapist or a sport medicine doctor can help with the treatment and give you proper exercises to help ease the pain and prevent future injuries. The exercises can range from something as simple as range of motion to stretching to weight baring exercises to help the muscles not overcompensate due to muscular irregularities.

Since we regularly walk, squat down, ties our shoes, even pick things up off of the floor, or even moving furniture be aware that you aren’t overworking your back muscles.  When bending down try and use your leg muscles as that will spare your back from injury and it will make lift a lot easier.