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Eating healthier during football season

Football season is the fun time of the year where you get to watch your favorite teams battle it out to win that coveted Super-Bowl title at the end of the season. During those games, many of the fans get accustomed to following the pattern of eating burgers, wings, French fries, while drinking beer or other desirable beverages. Over the course of close to 20 weeks, from Labor Day to the Super-Bowl at the end of January, most football fans are on the “Football diet.”

Unfortunately, we can’t blame all of that “extra weight” we gained just from the holidays. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t celebrate when our favorite teams wins or scores on drive, but that we should do it all in moderation. 6 months of these habits can cause a collection of unnecessary calories week after week, game after game.

If you goals are to lose weight especially as a New Year’s Resolution, then I would suggest that you be mindful of the calories you consume during the football season. Eat, drink, and celebrate in moderation because football season happens every year, but how often have you been thinking about your weight loss goals for? Makes you think, doesn’t it.

Go Seahawks!