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Three Major Stresses of the Spine


The subluxation process is an adaptive response stress. Stresses in our spine come in three major forms: Physical, Emotional, and Chemical.

1.       Physical Stress: Physical stress is the most obvious cause of vertebral subluxation. Injuries from car accidents, falls, poor postural habits, repetitive movements, lifting too much, etc.  Birth would also fall under this category. Forceps and cesarean section can cause more torque and tension the cervical spine. Toddlers then learn to walk and fall multiple times a day on their butt. Then they play sports, fall off their bikes, swing sets, etc. Many problems can start in infant years and continue into adult years. You can certainly see why it is equally important to also make sure your child’s spine is checked regularly.


2.       Emotional Stress: Emotional stress is the most prevalent cause of vertebral subluxation in our modern day, fast paced lifestyle. All of the emotional demands that we have to deal with everyday can overwhelm us and make us tense reactive, and it’s all recorded in our spine. We respond to emotional stress by tightening our spinal muscles, taking shallow breaths, releasing many hormones, increasing blood pressure, cholesterol. The list keeps going on.


Our body is equipped well for a stressful encounter with a big grizzly bear. Our fight or flight response is kicked in to help us react quickly to stressful situation. Unfortunately, our grizzly bear response is now in traffic, finances, relationships, meetings, media, etc. We get locked into this fight or flight mode, and the effect it has on our spinal and nervous system is detrimental.


3.       Chemical Stress: Chemical stress has to do with all of the toxins our body has process on a regular basis; toxins that have gotten into our food supply, water supply, and air supply. As our body is processing these toxins, it is often overwhelmed, creating tension throughout our spine.  

Even though you may be feeling great, every day you are exposed to different stresses that effect your spine and nervous system. Regular chiropractic treatment will help ensure that body is functioning at 100%.

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