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Why Consistency is Key

Of all of my years of working out and being in the gym you start to notice a pattern with people. The pattern is that there are the regulars, then there are those that show up every once in a while. Although it’s hard to understand progress just by looking at someone, you can still notice how they present themselves in confidence and body structure. Then there are those that are always “starting back over.”

                Consistency in working out is very important because it helps you develop a habit, a lifestyle of trying to get/stay fit. They say, “It takes 21 days to develop a habit.” Once you have a planned schedule on exercising then what excuse do you have? If your fitness goa means so much to you, then what excuse can bring up a stronger meaning? And if an excuse has a stronger meaning, then how much does your goa mean to you, especially if you’ve been about this same goal for years?

                I’ve seen people who make it to the gym despite all of the stresses that occur in life such as work, personal stress, physical goals, maintenance, family death, etc because the gym helps them relax and meditate. I’ve seen people make physical changes to their bodies due to being consistent with exercising. Some people use their stresses to help better themselves in their fitness. Then there are those that use those same stresses to avoid the gym altogether and end up going after food, or drugs/alcohol for self-satisfaction. How do you handle your stress?

                Being consistent in something such as exercising can help you in more ways than one. If you don’t notice changes, due to you seeing yourself all of time, maybe someone who hasn’t seen you in a while will notice differences. Maybe even you consistency can inspire someone else who’s been struggling to make it to the gym on a regular basis. If you were to lose 50lbs, or even put on a little muscle to help with your posture can play a huge roll in your self-confidence.