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The Heatlh Affects of Shorter Days and Decreased Sunshine

Autumn is upon us and our days of Seattle Sunshine are coming to an end.  This is an exciting time of year for many of us with kids going back to school, Seahawk and Husky football and the changing autumn leaves.  However, for many the shorter days and decreased sunshine can lead to a myriad of health problems throughout the fall and winter.  The most common effects of decreased sunlight are low energy, craving for carbohydrates, suppressed immune function and depression.  In some cases individuals may suffer Seasonal Affective Disorder where their symptoms can greatly affect their lifestyle.  Additionally, we have less opportunity to absorb Vitamin D which is an important vitamin necessary for strong bones, immune function and energy production.

If you find yourself affected by the shorter days and decreased sunshine try the following to give you a boost throughout the coming months:

·        Take a Vitamin D supplement

·        Exercise 30 minutes every day

·        Use a Light box to increase natural sun exposure

·        Get outside; even if it’s raining and dreary the fresh air and exercise will do you good

·        Use aromatherapies like peppermint to invigorate you in the morning and lavender to relax in the evening

·        Stick to a regular sleep schedule, going to sleep and waking at the same times each day

·        Keep a journal to work through emotions or feeling of sadness

Whatever you do, stay active with your friends and family throughout the autumn.  Whether you are gathering a group to watch the Seahawks game or hiking in the autumn colors, shared activity keeps us all healthier and happier.

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