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Wallet Placement


If you are anything like me, you put a lot of cards, pictures, notes, gift cards, rewards cards for gas points, etc in your wallet and your wallet tend to get very thick of time. Well, with men, instead of having a purse to carry their belongings in, they put their wallet in their pocket and more specific the back pocket. The problem with having your wallet in your back pocket you tend not take it out when you sit, drive, or even lie down. Over time this can lead to some muscular imbalances at the hip.

Over time, siting with your wallet in one pocket can cause serious problems down the road. Imagine having a small brick underneath one butt cheek every time you sit down. Not only can that become uncomfortable, but it throws off your hip alignment. Bad hip alignment in turn can lead to problems with your lower back, muscular imbalances, spinal strains, and even problems with the knees.

Prevent this problem, and stop sitting on your wallet. One thing that I like to do is either put my wallet in my front pocket, or put it in a small bag that I can carry around. Back problems, hip problems, surgery is would put too much damage on my bank account from something as simple as a few dollars that are stack up in my wallet.