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Get outside

As I sit here inside and see the beautiful spring day here in Federal Way, WA, I can’t wait to go out and walk. People who know me know that I love to walk. I like trails, walking during lunch breaks, around the neighborhood pulling my kids in the wagon, etc. Sometimes I run, bike, kayak or do other things outdoors but the one thing that I do the most is walk. Fortunately, I am able to and it is enjoyable for me.

Today (and everyday really) I encourage you to take advantage of our beautiful weather and beautiful area and make it a priority to get outside, soak up the vitamin D, and walk. With your dog, with your kids, with a friend, by yourself…it doesn’t matter. If it means just getting out of the house to check the mail or embarking on a long hike, get outside and enjoy the sun, the warmth, and the fresh air.

Happy walking from your health partners at Northwest Wellness!