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Retreat and Relax

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a 3 day Breema Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs in the mountains of central Oregon.  It was an incredible opportunity to learn a new technic, meditate, relax and disconnect from the outer world.  Breitenbush is a worker-owned cooperative and intentional community on 154 acres of wildlife sanctuary in the Willamette National Forest of the Oregon Cascades. During our stay we had the opportunity to enjoy natural hot springs, delicious vegetarian meals, yoga, and meditation in beautiful surroundings while in the absence of telephones, internet, radio and television.  It was a truly relaxing and rewarding experience.

Breema is combination of body work and movement, similar in some ways to both yoga and massage.  It is based upon the Nine Principles of Harmony:

Body Comfortable
When we look at the body, not as something separate, but as an aspect of a unified whole, there is no place for discomfort.
No Extra
To express our true nature, nothing extra is needed.
Firmness and Gentleness
Real firmness is always gentle. Real gentleness is always firm. When we are present, we naturally manifest firmness and gentleness simultaneously.
Full Participation
The most natural way of moving and living is with full participation. Full participation is possible when body, mind, and feelings are united in a common aim.
Mutual Support
The more our Being participates, the more we are able to support life and recognize that Existence supports us. Giving and receiving support take place simultaneously.
No Judgment
The atmosphere of nonjudgment gives us a taste of acceptance of ourselves as we are in the moment. When we come to the present, we are free from judgment.
Single Moment/Single Activity
Each moment is new, fresh, totally alive. Each moment is an expression of our true nature, complete by itself.
No Hurry/No Pause
In the natural rhythm of life energy, there is no hurry and no pause.

In addition to the rejuvenation obtained from nature, solitude and disconnecting from the grid, I also found that I could take the Breema principals into my daily life and practice with lasting effects. 

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