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Mr Olympia 2015

Mr Olympia 2015

So yesterday was the start of the Mr. Olympia, which is the equivalent of the SuperBowl in football. The Olympia is the biggest bodybuilding competition in the world where people from Bikini, Fitness, Physique, and even Bodybuilding to compete for the coveted title. Diet manipulation, hard work, and consistent workout regimens over the course of several weeks help turn many of these competitors into real life anatomy charts.

This year, just like every year, the biggest and buffest people compete against each other for the Sandow trophy and the prize money associated for each placing. Arnold Schwarzenegger is very famous for having this title for seven years close to 40 years ago with Lou Ferrigno consistently battling it out with him for the world title.

This is one of my favorite bodybuilding shows to watch because it shows the best of the best, in the world of bodybuilding, competing against one another. Unfortunately, due to some internal reasons my one of the top bodybuilders in the world, Kai Greene, is not competing this year. It’s all over social media on different rumors that may have been the reason, but who knows for sure? Hopefully this year will still be exciting to watch as there are a few newcomers trying to make a name for themselves. Will the reigning champ Phil Heath be able to hold on to his title or will there be a new champion. We’ll find out by the end of the day.

If you are interested or want to learn more about the bodybuilding scene or want to know the results, you can only watch it online at either or