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Healthy Aging

As people all over the world are living longer lives, attention has turned to healthy aging and improving the quality of life both physically and mentally as we age.  The 85-plus population in the U.S. is expected to triple to 14.6 million by 2040 -researchers want to figure out how we can increase our health span, or the amount of time we’ll live in good health.

Here are the common factors in people living longer and healthier lives:

·         Eat a plant-based diet -- beans, whole grains and veggies

·         Create opportunities for natural movement, like walking, herding, and gardening

·         Have a sense of purpose

·         Belong to a faith-based community

·         Take a daily nap or finding some other way to “downshift” daily

·         Don’t overeat

·         Drink 1-2 cups of coffee daily

·         Maintain a reading habit

·         Take part in physical and nonphysical leisure activities

·         Have an alcoholic drink or two each day

To summarize, “Do what your mother told you to do: Get exercise, use your brain, limit stress, get rest, and be nice to people.” –Claudia Kawas MD