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Spot Reducing

Since most of us are concerned about appearance when it comes to weight loss, but what’s the real motive to drop necessary body fat? Yeah sure you can lose weight, but what does that entail? Many people that come to me say, “But I just want to lose weight in my belly” or “I just want to lose weight in my thighs.” The human body works differently than that.

                What is spot reducing? Does it work? Spot reduction is removing unwanted fat from a particular body part. I’m sorry to burst your dreams, but there’s no such thing as spot reducing. You can’t just drop fat from one particular part of your body as the other body part stays the same. People who have that unwanted gut, but feels like everything else doesn’t need change, shouldn’t have the idea that only fat will come off of their stomachs.

                Exercises such as endless amounts of sit ups, body wraps, hemorrhoid cream such as Preparation H, cutting water, fat burner pills, weighted crunches, etc do no directly affect fat reduction in the stomach. The exercises per se may help with the strengthening of the core muscles though if you’re doing them correctly. Too many people are in such a hurry to work their stomach muscles, or they only make it to the gym only a few times a month and tend to overcompensate leading to bad form and bad posture.

The proper way to lose weight is to exercise and follow a sound nutritional lifestyle. Since calories in need to be less than calories out, you need to create a deficit in daily calorie intake. Remember 1lb equals to 3500calories. In a typical week that just equates to having a deficit of 500 calories a day (3500calories/7 days in a week).

Don’t believe the hype, but follow the proven method to proper weight loss. Spot reducing is a myth that many people want to believe as a simple way to lose unwanted fat in certain areas. To know the basis of weight loss is understand the relationship between calories in versus calories out. Applying those concept will help you with your fitness goals.