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TRX Suspension certification

Last weekend Dr. Nichols, Dr. Harlow and I got certified in TRX Group Fitness training and it was a blast. This experience was very humbling while we met people of different perspectives in health and fitness exercise their way into becoming certified a certified instructor. This class was 8 fun filled hours of exercising, balance, endurance, and strength as we became knowledgeable in the different methods of exercising clients on the TRX suspension straps. After it was all said and done we left the course with big smiles and pretty sore muscles.

I come from a powerlifting and bodybuilding background and the TRX training definitely challenged my balances and coordination and had my muscles working like never before. I will definitely try and incorporate these exercises in my workout routines to help challenge my body and increase my fitness level. For anyone who wants a low impact, but challenging workout I advise you to try a TRX suspension class.

We are going to start offering TRX suspension group fitness classes in the near future at Northwest Wellness in Federal Way. This should be a fun and challenging experience for people of all fitness and age groups.