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What's the best diet to do for weight loss?

When you research diet weight loss methods there are hundreds, if not, thousands of different diets out there. So which one is the most effective diet and probably diet out there?

The best type of diet is the one you can adhere to? What’s the point of doing a diet if you can’t last more than 2 days without feeling like death? At that point, is dieting really worth it if you just feel like garbage and your health is draining. I have people ask all of the time, “should I try the paleo diet?” “What do you think of the ketosis diet?” “How often should I eat?” We’ll there’s not a straight answer to this. Since everyone is different, one method might work for one person, but then that same method may not work for the other person.

People need to look at diet from a needs perspective. How can I lose this bodyfat, and still be healthy. Heathy doesn’t necessarily mean that you are under a certain weight, healthy means that you are getting the proper about of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, a day to survive while staying at an appropriate weight. Obviously the energy needs of a football player are different than a semi-truck driver.

So, which diet works best is the diet that you can work into your needs and schedule. If you’re new then don’t get caught up in the specifics of the diet. Small conscious changes can go a long way. Stay healthy my friends.