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Weight loss goals

Setting weight loss goals

As we get closer and closer to the end of the year a lot of you are thinking about their New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s some statistics from 2014 that we should bear in mind:

-1 in 3 people gave up on their New Year’s Resolutions by the end of January due to being too busy, or not committed enough
-66% of people have a fitness goal as part of their resolutions
-73% of people gave up their goal completely before meeting their goals.
-People who have given up on their resolutions have failed 4 times before.
-Men are slightly more successful at their goals than women are especially when it comes down to fitness

Don’t get caught up in these patterns! There are several strategies to be aware of when setting New Year’s resolutions to ensure long term success. Let’s be “SMART” about it while using that acronym which stands for:

1)      Measurable-A lot of people have the goal of “I want to lose weight” with nothing to go off of. You need something to measure it by so that you can understand whether or not you are reaching your goal. Inches, pounds, etc. You can track your progress weekly, biweekly, monthly to see if what you are doing is working.

2)      Accountable-Most of the responsibility is in your hands. Keeping track of progress, or writing it down in a journal and own up to your mistakes when they happen to make sure you don’t fall back into old habits.

3)      Realistic-Everyone can make goals such as “I want to be a millionaire by next month” can seem impossible and in most cases unattainable and quite discouraging. Try setting goals which do seem possible to do. Examples would be I want to lose 1lb every week this month for a total of 4lbs a month.

4)      Timeframe-Give yourself a timeframe for which you want to reach your goal. The original goal of “I want to lose weight” has no boundaries and you can’t justify with anything. “I want to lose 1lbs a week for the next for 4 months with a total of 16lbs by April” would be a SMART goal to shoot for.

Don’t be like the 73% of people who have given up on their goals before they even got anywhere close to it. This is your year. Believe in yourself and once you are consistent with it the results will show. Your goal will be reach before you will even know it.