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Why is staying healthy so important?


As you’ve noticed, there are people all different body types of all different age groups. We all have one thing in mind and that is to survive; survival of the fittest as Charles Darwin might say. There are different ways that we must accomplish that. Due to all of the different variables that may happen to us throughout life such as sickness, diseases, injuries, accidents, etc we try our best to make it through it all.

Sometimes life throws at us lemons and we must make the best of it through our best abilities. So why is staying healthy so important? The benefits of good health include warding off diseases, being able to engage the muscles that your body is using, ensure appropriate blood flow, and other benefits that I haven’t mentioned in this blog.

Imagine all of the hassle you have to go through when you do come down with an illness that should have been prevented through something as simple as staying healthy. Being unhealthy can lead to diabetes, hypertension, artherosclerosis, arthritis, stroke, high cholesterol, and more. Walking around the block, picking up a hobby such as gardening, even swimming can help improve your activity level.

You know what they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”-Benjamin Franklin. So get moving, stay active and healthy because your body and your wallet with thank you for it long term.