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How much education do Doctors of Chiropractic Receive?

After completing a Bachelors of Science degree, Doctors of Chiropractic attend a Chiropractic College or University.  Here they receive an additional 4200 hours of student/teacher contact hours, including a minimum of 1000 hours of supervised clinical training.  Areas of didactic study consist of anatomy, physiology, nuerophysiology, diagnosis, radiology, pathology, differential diagnosis, and nutrition.  Clinical training focuses on spinal manipulation, soft tissue mobilization and rehabilitative exercise.

In addition Doctors of Chiropractic must pass a four part national board, including clinical practice as well as licensing exam in each state. 

Many Doctor of Chiropractic also obtain post-graduate certification and/or diplomate status in sports medicine, extremities, radiology, neurology, orthopedics, nutrition and wellness.