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Why I Love to Cycle



There are some obvious benefits to cycling such as cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength and weight management.  But none of those are really the reason I love to cycle.  My obsession with my two-wheeled friend is because:

  • I love to go fast.  Honestly, I would like it even better if I didn’t have to wear a helmet and could feel the wind in my hair but that is just plain unsafe!

  • I love being outside.  Especially in Seattle when the days are long and the sun is out.  Even in the winter I get outside once a week for some fresh air and liquid rain

  • Cyclists are just a nice, fun and outgoing bunch of people.  I have met some of my closest friends on bike rides and it’s a great way to spend a 100 miles.

  • It is a simple machine with no motors or spark plugs.  I can change a tire and even clean, lube and fix a broken chain.

  • Riding in the city keeps your mind sharp and your reactions quick; forget Sudoku or crossword puzzles, get on a bike and dodge cars, dogs,  people and potholes

  • I am directionally challenged and it gives me a chance to get out, explore and learn my way around.

  • It’s a great mode of transportation, especially if you have to run errands at rush hour.

The other great thing about riding a bike is you never forget how, so if it’s been a few years it might be time to get out and give it a try!