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Triplanar Hip Flexor Stretch

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Triplanar Hip Flexor Stretch

Calling all runners, hikers, desk-workers out there--hip flexor stretching in three different planes is a fantastic way to work out the fascial tissue in the front of the hip! There may be many ways to stretch the hip flexors, and one way may work best for each person or body type. Whatever is the preferred position--lunging, half-kneeling, lying on your back, etc--chances are that the stretch is being performed solely one direction.

It is important, in working to increase functional mobility, to work on the dynamic flexibility of the hip flexors. In order to support the natural lengthening and shortening of the hip flexors in a more realistic and applicable way, I like to use this triplanar method to better simulate the non-linear movement of the body.

Triplanar Hip Flexor Stretch (half-lunge position, follow with arm and gaze)

  1. 10 times in the sagittal plane


2. 10 times in the transverse plane


3. 10 times in the frontal plane

IMG_20190531_064110 (1).jpg

*Tips: activate deep core muscles, slightly tuck tailbone, squeeze glutes

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