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The Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic 2014

On July 12 & 13th Dr. Harlow and I worked with the Washington State Chiropractic Association Sports Council to provide chiropractic care and first aid to the participants of the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.  What a fun and rewarding event!  The first day consisted of the more experience cyclists that made the 185 mile trek in 95 degree weather in just one day.  Leaving Seattle at 5:30 am, most of them made just a quick stop at our Longview rest stop for food, ice, water, electrolyte drink, ibuprofen and bandages.  We treated a number of knee and iliotibial bands to keep those people going on their bikes. 

The second day were all the  recreational athletes who had worked hard, trained on their bikes and made their way to Portland in 2 days.  Our rest stop was buzzing with them asking for us to take care of their sore necks, backs, knees, leg cramps and muscle aches.  They also partook in the food, water and electrolyte drinks but the day was cooler and the riders were more relaxed about their pace.

Many chiropractors dream of working with professional sports or college team.  My favorite athletes are those like myself who have a passion for wellness, fitness and making the most of the life they were given.  It warms my heart to see 10,000 of them ride their bikes on a beautiful Northwest summer weekend all the way from Seattle to Portland!

There was such a demand for chiropractic care that we have asked to provide services at additional rest stops next year.  We are also hoping to have a tent in Centralia where most of the 2 day riders spend the night and need our services to get back on the bike the next day.