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What is the core?

         Many people think that all you have to do to get a strong core is lots of sit-ups or crunches. While this may get you the chiseled abs of the “6 pack”, this does not equal a strong core. Conversely, if you have a layer of fat over your abdominal muscles so do not have definition, you may still have a strong core (though having the abdominal fat is not healthy either).

        A misconception that many people have is that the core is meant as a prime mover and not a stabilizer. The core is meant to stabilize and transfer movements instead of being the primary mover in the body. It is meant to CONTROL the movement of the body, not move it. So doing endless crunches for core stability is training the muscles as a prime mover, not a stabilizer.       

        Furthermore, the core is often used synonymously with “abs” when, in fact, the core is so much more. Just a few of the structures include the diaphragm, the pelvic floor, and the multifidi muscles.

        To learn more about why the core is so important and how to strengthen your core, come in to Northwest Wellness for a consultation. Developing and maintaining a strong core is a life-long process.