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Oncology Massage

With the recent news regarding Mr. Jimmy Carter’s diagnosis of cancer, I’m reminded of just how many people I know personally, professionally, and admire who have either won the fight or gave it their all. Oncology massage (massage for cancer patients) has always been a dream of mine since I was attending massage school.

So why is massage slowly being recognized as a therapy that can assist those who are being treated for cancer? The benefits of massage in regards to treating such diseases as cancer are priceless. Massage aids in circulation for all systems as well as boosting the immune system and stimulating the body’s natural ability to create healthy cells.  Having the knowledge and skill to be able to manipulate the body’s own capability to heal is powerful and while most massage therapists already have a general understanding of this, licensed massage therapists who intend on working with this population must undergo training to better assist and understand the necessary techniques.

Depending on which type of cancer a person is diagnosed with of course determines which areas of the body are safe to work on and how the massage therapist should plan out the treatment. Massage also helps with anxiety, stress, sleep patterns, and nausea which in turn help with the healing process. 

Jennifer Roldan, LMP at Northwest Wellness in Federal Way