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Friends don't let friends live with pain...

…. that can be resolved with better upper extremity posture.

It’s National Volunteer Month. Volunteering in it’s truest form is about helping your community. We don’t always have time in our busy schedules for traditional volunteering opportunities, but there are ways we can help friends, family members and co-workers. So today’s theme is about how you can take a moment to help those around you improve their posture.

I’ll first alert you to something called Upper Cross syndrome. It’s pain that derives from improper resting posture of the upper body. Certain muscles become shortened, some overcompensate, and others are under utilized and become weak. This imbalance and structural inefficiency can then lead to pain. Here’s what it looks like (in the simplest of terms):

  • Forward head - chin juts forward causing the front of the neck to weaken

  • Rounded shoulders - pectoral muscles become tight and shoulders roll forward

  • Shrugged shoulders - muscles that lift the shoulders towards the ears overcompensate and become tight

  • Rounded upper back - mid back muscles that pull shoulder blades together become underused and weaken


If you spot this combination of postural discrepancies in friends, co-workers, etc, here’s how you can volunteer your newfound knowledge:

  • Gently slide your shoulder blades down and back. Think about moving them diagonally towards the opposite back pocket.

  • The above action should immediately lift the chest

  • Gently slide the chin straight back so your ears sit in-line with your shoulders

  • Don’t be overaggressive with these corrections. Make subtle changes to avoid muscle soreness/irritation

A combination of stretching, strengthening, manual therapy and postural education can help resolve pain. If you or someone in your community is experiencing pain from this collective posture, we can definitely help!

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