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Taking My Own Medicine

It is often said that doctors make the worst patients and I have to admit I fall into that category.  For some reason it seems much easier to treat others and to advise them in areas health and  wellness,  yet somehow think we are the exception to the rules.   As a health care provider we probably delay are own treatment, self-diagnosis and procrastinate seeing other providers.  Sadly, I am no exception.

This summer I developed a lower back problem, most likely related to the thousands of miles I put on my bicycle.  I also admit, I am not the best at always allowing the appropriate time to cool down and stretch after a ride or training session.  I also have a tendency to overtrain, not get enough sleep and sometime not even eat enough calories.  I have overcome many of my bad habits but it really take daily effort and self-discipline as they are somewhat against my Type A nature that just wants to work hard and ride fast.

I have also been spoiled with working at a wonderful Wellness Center with excellent clinicians where I can just pop by and get a quickie adjustment, massage, thoughts on diagnosis etc. The problem happens when we all get too busy or aren’t in the office on the same days and those little mini visits become impossible.  This summer my lower back became so painful and debilitating I actually had to pick up the telephone and schedule myself an appointment with another provider near my home!

I selected Dr. Brian Graham of Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness Center.  He is one of the best DCs I know, has a practice close to my home and also offers an integrated approach.  He graciously accepted me as a patient,  did a thorough evaluation and started me on a treatment plan, chiropractic adjustments twice weekly, daily stretches and NO CYCLING FOR TWO WEEKS! Ugh.

Amazingly enough, with excellent, regular chiropractic adjustments, a little rest and some consistent stretching I am good as new!  There is nothing better than being a patient to help you appreciate the care we deliver every day at Northwest Wellness in Federal Way, WA.