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Kids and pain

When kids are brought into the office complaining of pain, I always pay attention and take it very seriously, especially if there is not an obvious injury to cause pain. Unexplained pain in children is not normal. That doesn’t mean it is always serious, but it does mean that it should be addressed.

        More and more I am seeing kids come in with neck and upper back pain from, you guessed it, electronics. The poor posture of looking down all day long at their phone or tablet is creating terrible posture when a child’s spine is growing. Kids are growing into this posture which makes correction that much more difficult.

        Aside from postural pain, there are some serious problems that may cause pain in children. That is why pain should always be checked out if there is not an obvious minor injury that occurs often in childhood. Even with those minor injuries, if the pain doesn’t subside in a few days, take the child in to a healthcare provider to determine why there is lasting pain.  Keep in mind that even with normal day to day bumps and bruises, chiropractic adjustments can be a great part of a child's healthcare to optimize function of the spine. 

        An obstacle that can occur, especially with younger kids, is the child’s pain going unrecognized. Some signs to watch for include limping, change in behavior or sleep, decreased physical activity, and an overall lack of energy/joy.

        If you notice that something isn’t right with your child or if there is pain with no known cause, get them evaluated. Here at Northwest Wellness, the doctors can evaluate your child and determine the correct course of action, whether treatment here is warranted or a referral is made for more testing or a different form of treatment.