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Things You Should Know About Low Back Pain

Low back pain is far too common in today's society. About 80% of people will experience low back pain at some point throughout life. Low back pain can be very debilitating for many people and can severely impact overall quality of life. The good news is that low back pain can be managed. In fact, most low back pain conditions are easily managed conservatively and do not require surgery. 

For this week's post, I wanted to include three articles about low back pain that I believe will be helpful for YOU. The following three articles should help you with managing your low back pain. 

1. This first article is one that I (Dr. Connor Naccarato) wrote a while back with tips about managing low back pain. If you've ever had low back pain, this article is for you. I've included 10 simple tips that you can implement today to help ease your low back pain. Check out the article here!

10 Tips to Help Reduce Your Low Back Pain

2. The second article is from a colleague of mine (Michael Curtis) down in California. He wrote a great article about disc-related low back pain. If you've ever had low back pain with radiating pain down your leg, this article may be appropriate for you. Check it out here!

3 Things You Should Know About Disc Related Leg Pain

3. The third article is another brief article that I wrote about pain and how pain works. This article includes two videos that are definitely worth watching. I often share these two videos with my patients to teach them about the close relationship between pain and the brain. Whether you have low back pain or not, the videos are definitely worth your time. Check it out here!

Pain Science 101: What it is and How it Works