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Track and Field 2015World Championships

So it’s about that time again where it’s the World Championships for Track and Field. Track and Field is one of my favorite sports to watch because it’s the basis of all sports. Track and field takes into the account the person’s speed, explosiveness, power, and endurance. Every year I look forward to watching my favorite athletes race to see who is the fastest person in the world for their respective events.

I enjoy watching the sprints and distances up to the 1 mile run because I can personally relate to them. Racing in the 100m, 200m, 400m from junior high to college level gave me first-hand knowledge of what these athletes have to go through as far as their training protocols even though at the elite level I could only imagine their training intensities and volume. Since these are professional athletes these elite athletes make their living off of performing to their best abilities.

This year there are many young athletes that are hoping to live their legacy and hopefully make a name for themselves. There are also athletes that are trying to make sure that no one wants to take their number one spots or even put their records in jeopardy. Since the World Championships have started last Saturday, I’ve already witness a few close races and a few athletes who were able to overcome obstacles despite their recent injuries.

The World Championships are still going on, and I can’t to see the results which will make the Olympics next year that much more exciting. Hopefully these athletes stay healthy and don’t give into the temptations of the banned substances so to uphold the integrity of this sport unlike some of the nightmares of the past.