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Water sports

Ever since I was a child, I loved swimming. I joined a swim team when I was in middle school where I learned proper techniques and form. As an adult, swimming is one of the few activities that are more of a comfort and therapeutic than a workout. Whether I’m going to the pool or swimming in a lake, the benefits are more than just simply exercise. My mother is restricted to low impact exercise only, so it felt natural going with her to her water aerobics classes. For a while I would let her attend the class while I did lap swim. After watching her with her class and noticing how much fun everyone was having, I realized that this isn’t just for exercise, it was actually fun socializing with the others. Using the resistance of the water paired with Styrofoam weights, you work up a pretty good sweat.

Now that the sun is out, more and more people are heading to the coast or to one of the numerous lakes that are offered to us here in the Puget Sound. I encourage those who have been experiencing joint pain but want to get into a good exercise routine:

-Lap swim

-Water polo

-Water tennis


-Water skiing

-Paddle boarding

-Body surfing


These are all great water activities that won’t put too much pressure on the joints but will definitely give you an awesome work out!

Jennifer Roldan, LMP Northwest WellnessFederal Way, WA