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Why I decided to become a massage therapist

Massage therapists are considered to be healers and their medicine is knowledge combined with the power of touch. I have known a kaleidoscope of massage therapists and while some have similar approaches, I can guarantee that each has their own technique and style that set them apart from all others.

My reason for becoming a massage therapist is because I want to help others. I come from a customer service background with a passion for science and wanting to understand how things work.  Being a massage therapist to me is kind of like detective work, especially when the origin of the pain is unknown. Much like the chiropractor, massage therapists assess their client/patient during the intake process (after you check in for your appointment and are walking to the treatment room).

Some of the questions we may internally ask ourselves: Is the patient favoring a side while they are walking? Do they seem to wince when they turn or move a certain way? Watching you (the client/patient) rise from your seat and walk down the hallway into the treatment room can say so much.

There is a sense of freedom you get as an LMT; whether it’s your work schedule, getting a chance to be creative with your time management skills, down to how you wish to proceed with treatment. As an LMT, we are not chained to a desk and are constantly in motion.  The lucky ones who have their own massage rooms can certainly decorate as they wish and don’t have to don a uniform. There isn’t a set path for any LMT after they receive their license to practice.  The job market for massage therapists is in a state of growth.

Technology and research keep widening our understanding of the human body which in turn creates more continuing education techniques to learn and grow on. There are various modalities in massage and each has their pros and cons. For example: massage in a clinic setting is very different from massage at a spa. Clinic massage has more of a focus on treatment plans, charting notes, interactions with other health care providers, usually health insurance is involved, and results are important. Spa massage is faster paced than clinic and is focusing more so on relaxation and the experience. That is to say there is always room for cross over between the two and the different ways of being “employed” are also added to that wonderful mix.

What it all boils down to is this; LMT’s all want the same thing and that is to help people. Whether it’s helping a patient recover from a car accident or just helping a single working mother relax; the outcome is still the same and just as rewarding. That is the mentality you will find with our massage therapists at Northwest WellnessCall now to schedule an appointment

Jennifer Roldan, massage therapist at Northwest Wellness in Federal Way