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Tiger Mountain Around the Lake Trail (local hikes series)

This trailhead is west of North Bend off I-90 at exit 20. Parking can be difficult in the lot if you go on nice days or the weekends but you can park along the paved road before the entrance. You need the Discover Pass here in the upper parking lot but if you park down lower by the freeway, you don’t need one. THIS IS THE SAME PARKING AND TRAILHEAD AS TIGER WEST 3. At the beginning, there is a turn off for numerous different trails. There is the bus trail, the swamp trail, the Puget power trail, and the around the lake trail to name a few. I am not completely sure of the route that we took but I know we started on the around the lake trail and ended up on the Puget power trail which led back to the original trailhead. There were areas where we could have turned to get on different trails such as the bus trail and swamp trail but we opted to just do that short hike. We were able to push a stroller with good wheels (NOT a regular umbrella stroller) on the trail and had a 2 ½ year old with us as well who did just fine walking. There are places to view Tradition Lake and even go down by the water but we were there for the hike, and not necessarily the lake. The trail was mostly flat (it had some tree roots and rocks but otherwise easy to walk on).

The Puget power road is just a gravel road. With the exception of the Puget power road, the hike was in the woods and very peaceful. If you want to continue on to do more hiking, there are several trails around to do. I would recommend this trail to families with small kids and those who want just a nice stroll on a local trail.

Tiger Mountain Trail System