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Flaming Geyser State Park (local hikes series)

This is a great hike for children and for first time hikers, inactive people, or those who may have nagging injuries and can’t go on bigger hikes. The Discover Pass is required to park here since it is a state park. Located in Auburn near Green Valley Road, this park includes access to the Green River for rafting, hiking trails, picnic areas, grassy areas, and a playground for the kids. Due to past severe weather, there are several trails that are closed off due to downed trees. I did not explore as much as I could have due to having a small child walking with me, so I am not sure how extensive the trail system really is. There is an actual “flame” at Flaming Geyser but it was small and nothing special. I recommend this trail system and park to those who have kids and just want to get out and also to those who just want to be out in nature.

Dr. Harlow hiking at Flaming Geyser State Park