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What Is A Subluxation?


Since the origination of chiropractic science, it had been generally accepted that if a spinal vertebra was out of place than a spinal nerve would become pinched and pain would ensue.  It was also thought that if a spinal nerve provided innervation to a body part then dysfunction would occur in that region or organ.  While there are occasions where spinal nerves do become “pinched” as a result of a vertebral misalignment, disc protrusion or degenerative changes that occurs far less frequently than a situation where a spinal joint simply moves poorly and cause joint and neurological dysfunction.

Recent research by the Rubicon Group describes a chiropractic subluxation as a “self-perpetuating, central segmental motor control problem that involves a joint, such as a vertebral motion segment, that is not moving appropriately thereby yielding ongoing maladaptive neural plastic changes that interfere with the central nervous systems ability to self-regulate, self-organize, adapt repair or heal.”

What do all of those fancy words mean?  If a joint in the spine or other parts of the body are not moving properly than the flow of information to the brain is disrupted.  As a result the brain actually misinterprets the body’s environment and sends misinformation from the brain to the body.  This can result in pain, lack of coordination and overall poor health.  This scientifically supported model of chiropractic and subluxation accounts for the effectiveness on spinal manipulation in relieving back or neck pain but also in improving coordination, athletic performance and overall health.

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