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How to Stay Fit Through the Winter

I don’t know about you but I sure find it easier to bounce out of bed in the summer time for my morning workouts when the sun is shining and the days are long.  Being an avid cyclist also really maximizes my fitness, strength and endurance in the nice weather.    As our days grow shorter I start to think about what to do throughout the winter months to insure I maintain a reasonable level of fitness.  Here are some things I would like to share with our patients and friends.

  • Mix up your workouts.  In the summer, it is far easier to spend more time outdoors doing activities such as cycling, swimming, running and hiking.  Use those darker, indoor times for things like weight training, stretching, core stability and yoga.  Winter is a great time to build your strength and improve your flexibility

  • Give yourself some recovery time.  If you are competitive in an outdoor sport you may have run your first marathon, played in a soccer league or finished a triathlon.  If you have suffered any over us injury or strain this is the perfect time to give yourself some rest and recovery.  Focusing on corrective exercises, utilizing ice, massage or cold laser will also help you heal.

  • Join a gym.  In the rainy Seattle winters your only hope is to have a place to work out indoors.  In addition to things like yoga and weight training you can also take spin (cycling) classes, Zumba, TRX or Crossfit.  Many gyms also have swimming pools which is also a great form of winter exercise.

  • Hire a trainer.  We all need a little inspiration from time to time.  In addition to pushing you to work harder a personal trainer will also insure that you are doing the correct exercises with proper form.  Lionel Orji, clinical exercise specialist at Northwest Wellness is available to assist you in your fitness goals.

  • Maintain a healthy diet.  It also seems easier to eat healthy in the summer months.  Fruits, vegetables and fish are at their freshest and just seem to taste better in the sunshine.  Be sure to continue with your fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lean proteins throughout the year.  My favorite things to do are to have a fresh fruit and veggie protein shake in the morning and a salad with every meal.  Even when the holidays roll around you can fill up enough on the healthy stuff and have a treat or two.

  • Stay hydrated.  Although we tend to sweat more in the hotter weather, hydration is important year round.  Drink at least 8, 8 ounce glasses of water per day.  If it just seems too cold for water have some hot water and lemon to keep you warm.

Whatever your wellness or fitness goal, we at Northwest Wellness in Federal Way are her to support you every step of the way.