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Being the parent of small kids

The most rewarding job I think anyone can have is being a parent. Job description includes: doctor, maid, chef, playmate, teacher, and the list goes on. I work as a chiropractor part time right now but I am a full time Mommy and love it. I never thought I would be a part of conversations that go something like this:

Kid 1: Mommy, she was brushing me with a broom.

Kid 2: She was dirty and I had to clean her.

Every day is a new day. I never know if my child is going to use a glue stick as chapstick, spike a 106.6 degree fever, have a metal bar fall on her foot, have a seizure and pass out, or even get a bean stuck in her nose. And yes, those have all happened at our house. I am constantly learning to embrace the chaos, cherish the moments, and love the time I get to spend with my crazy little family. Just as every day, month, and week fly by, the years will also fly by. Before I know it I will be watching my girls graduate and move out. Raising kids is so challenging, rewarding, and frustrating all in one. They push you to the brink and then melt your heart. They can bring a smile to your face with just a look or make you want to blow your top with just an action. Cherish the moments, lead by example, and hug them as much as you can.