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8 nasty things we eat unintentionally

Though this blog is not meant to scare you from eating anything ever again, it may do just that. Not literally but maybe close to it. The point of this blog is to open your eyes to what we really consume and how it is added to our food without us even knowing about it. Will it change your mind about what you eat? I don’t know. At least it will get you thinking.

*Pure white foods not naturally pure white:  Titanium oxide, used in paints and sunscreens, are used to make foods white and also added to pills as a filler.  

*Grocery store meat: Commonly infused with veterinary medicines, heavy metals, and staph bacteria including MRSA. ½ the grocery store meat contained staph possibly due to the overuse of antibiotics in industrial agriculture. Grass fed meat and eggs from organic farms are a better choice.

*Corn and soy: Glyphosate chemical in Roundup is being used all over the place and is taken up by plants, meaning we eat it when we eat the plant. It is contained in most non-organic, packaged food because most foods contain corn or soy derived products. Glyphosate exposure is linked to obesity, learning disabilities, birth defects, infertility, and potentially irreversible metabolic damage. The term “all natural” may still have pesticides and genetically engineered ingredients.

*Vanilla/Raspberry flavoring: Castoreum is an orange-brown substance combined with beaver’s urine and used to mark its territory (beaver anal gland juice). It is not listed on the label directly but is a part of the “natural flavoring”.

*Cow’s milk: Today’s cows produce twice the milk they produced 40 years ago due to a synthetic hormone called recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST). rBST is linked to prostate, breast, and colon cancers. It is banned in other countries. Choose either organic milk or milk labeled rBST free.

*Beef: USDA allows the “ammonia gas bath” treatment to help make bacteria-laced beef safer. USDA also allows beef to be sold without indicating that the beef has gone through the ammonia treatment. Organically certified meats can’t be treated with ammonia.

*Artificial dyes: Used to make foods more “fun” for kids. It is also used as a replacement for real ingredients (ie. Betty Crocker carrot cake mix has no carrots but corn syrup and artificial dyes yellow 6 and red 40). Orange and purple dyes have been shown to impair brain function while other dyes have been linked to ADHD, behavioral problems, and brain cell toxicity.

*Popcorn bags: A nonstick chemical under the class “perfluorinated chemicals”. It is the same chemical used on nonstick pots, pans, and baking sheets. A study found that the nonstick chemical in popcorn bags significantly damaged the immune system.