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Is what you’re doing to get healthy causing you to compromise your health?

Being in the fitness industry for as long as I have I’ve seen the most outrageous ideas that people do to get healthy. I’ve seen people do anything from avoiding meats for weeks, exercise while starved, to doing hours and hours of cardio, to cleanses every week. How much of this on the regular basis is healthy?

What is health? Is health a type of look that people desire to look for or is it something that you strive to achieve to have a sound body internally and externally? As odd as it sounds there people out there that are dying to look like their favorite body type even if it kills them. That’s type of thinking is bad because even if you look the part, what is going on internally that could be messing up your organs?

There are people that go to the extreme. In all of my years being involved in the bodybuilding community I’ve heard of stories of people are taking extreme measures to get that last bit of body fat off last minute. In some cases it gets real bad, there have been those that have lost their lives to get on stage and compete.

Folks don’t compromise your health to look good. Health should be a long term goal where you could look back, feel great, and be proud of yourself. Don’t fall into the temptation to try that latest fad just because someone has lost a lot of weight from it. Healthy is having a sound mind and body. Longevity is the ultimate goal. Don’t lose sight of that.