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Desk Job Activities

Who here sits on a desk job all day at work? How long is your usually shift for? The reason I ask these questions is because we get quite a few people with back problems due to their “lifestyle” at work.

Many people with deadlines at work tend to be focused on getting those deadlines done in a timely manner. Well, while working so diligently, we tend to forget about ourselves and so our health deteriorates slowly and slowly. The health issue until it’s too late where we have severe issues that take more aggressive procedures to combat. Although health is our line of work, we do not want to see someone who is so far gone that it takes an army to help fix them.

Desk Job Prevention activities
-Every half hour to hour try and stand up and walk around the office
-Set a timer that dings every so often that will remind you to stand up and stretch to get some blood flowing.
-Replace your chair with an exercise ball
-Move from a traditional office set up to a standing office workspace.
-Relax your shoulders when you tend to get stressed out from typing

Be cognizant of your work habits and where that is leading you health wise. Be proactive so that you can prevent physical health issues and injuries that accumulate from prolonged sitting. These activities laid out should help break out of some of those habits and assist with injury prevention.