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Integrated Wellness Care

This morning when I was out walking my dogs I ran into a very nice neighbor doing the same.  He is a pediatrician who lives in my condo building.  We were talking about our dogs and the about our work; he works both at Children’s Hospital and as a researcher at which times he works at home.  I agreed with him on how much easier it is to do concentrated work in the quiet of your home and not when you are busy with patients and staff.  He then asked what I did for a living and I replied “I am a chiropractor and I run an Integrated Wellness Practice in Federal Way.”  His response was, “an Integrated Wellness Practice, what’s that?”!!

As much as integrated and holistic health care has become more mainstream in the United States, it is clear we still have more work to do.  Primary medical care and emergency medicine are an integral part of our health care system.  The problem is, generally those physicians spend so much time treating people who are very sick or injured that they don’t have time to teach them how to become and stay healthy.  That is the role of practices like Northwest Wellness in Federal Way, WA.  Let’s all work together to improve of our community and provide what’s best for each and every patient.