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Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic 2016

One of my favorite things to do as a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) is working the local sporting events and provide care to the participating athletes.   For the past 3 years I have been the medical unit leader for the Longview rest stop at mile 146 of the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic (STP).  This volunteer position is particularly rewarding as we manage the triage of the Emergency Medical Physicians (EMT), Firefighters and Doctors of Chiropractic.  All of the rest stations at the STP have EMTs and Firefighters; however Longview is the only rest stop that also provides chiropractic care. 

The STP can be a one or two day ride; taking cyclist the 180+ miles from Seattle to Portland.  There is a huge variety of cycling abilities and we provide care to all of them.  The first day is fairly laid back as most cyclists spend the night in Centralia and do not make the 146 miles to our rest stop.  Only the most experienced cyclists complete the ride in one day and only take time to visit if they have a fairly serious or painful condition.  On the second day we are the first rest stop the two-day riders encounter and they are generally pretty stiff and sore after starting Day 2.  In the last year we have also procured a spot in Centralia and many of the two day riders take advantage of the care their at the end of their first day.

Fortunately, we have very few serious injuries that require the expertise of the EMTs so they often serve as triage for all of the musculoskeletal complaints.  The cyclists swarm our stop, requesting spinal adjustments, soft tissue mobilization and kinesiotape to keep them going all the way to Portland.  I particularly enjoy freedom from the scheduling, managing and insurance billing that takes place in an office setting and the opportunity to provide chiropractic care to athletes who are working hard for the love of their sport or the desire to improve their health and fitness.  Each rider is incredibly appreciative for the care we provide and it is a great reminder of what it means to really support health and wellness.

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