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Foam Rolling

One technique that I’ve been looking into that has helped me with my physical ailments is foam rolling. I didn’t realize how much of a big different it makes in slowing down pain and injury prevention. I just keep hearing how good foam rolling is, and how people swear by it so I decided to give it a try. I become hooked.

If you’re ever feeling stiff, tight, immobile, muscles aren’t moving like they are used to then maybe you should give this technique a try. Some of the benefits of foam rolling are easing muscle soreness, correction muscle imbalance, increasing range of motion, and injury prevention. There are different types of foam rollers out with different sizes, lengths, and firmability. A soft foam roller gives a gentler feeling than a dense foam roller. Some even have ridges along it, and some of the more fancier ones vibrate to give you a unique massage feeling as you roll out your muscles.

How to foam roll? You definitely want to test out which foam roller best fits your style, but you must remember it’s tougher than it looks. What you want to do is choose a muscle that you want to loosen up. Roll up and down on that muscle until you find a tender spot. Once you find a tender spot you want to “hang out” on that spot for a while and possibly rolling back and forth until the tenderness eases down. Keep doing that to all of the tender spot that you want.

I’ve personally noticed a big different one day when I was going to work out my legs and decided to foam roller beforehand. When I did this, I didn’t feel pain in my right knee and it didn’t “click” as much as before. I didn’t believe it before, but now I almost swear y this technique to help with injury prevent, and joint pain. The difference that it makes is unfathomable.  It’s something I will make regular in my training routine.