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Sunburn Relief


      Sunburns can be the absolute worst. Not only can they be painful and create difficulties when wearing other articles of clothing, the effects of the damage they cause can be irreparable. Sunburns that are severe enough are also a contraindication for massage.  

        Life happens and when the sun is out, so are we. Mistakes happen, like forgetting to pack your sunblock or remember to re-apply now and then. Sometimes we don’t even think to apply sunscreen to begin with. A great example of this is when I went on a whale watching boat tour during Memorial Day weekend. We were both so focused on arriving on time and making sure we had brought lunches (just in case) we had completely forgotten to bring sunblock with us. My boyfriend got a little burned, but I received the worst of it. My skin resembled that of a boiled lobster. Being out on the boat in direct sunlight AND there was sunlight being reflected off the water.

            Before we returned home for the day, we stopped by a grocery store and picked up a couple of different sunburn relief lotions, an aloe plant, and SPF 50 mineral based sunblock. When we got home we each applied cold, damp wash clothes to first help cool down the sunburned areas. Then we applied generous amounts of the Burt’s Bees After Sun lotion. I had the worst burns on my nose so I broke off a part of my new aloe plant and gently applied the raw plant goo directly on my nose.

            Over the course of the next several days, we used the Banana Boat Aloe lotion which seemed to help keep either of us from peeling too badly. Occasionally I would gently exfoliate the skin that was peeling off with a washcloth. I brought the Burt’s Bees lotion with me to apply throughout the day for the first 3-4 days or so.

            I am so glad I picked up the Australian Gold SPF 50 mineral lotion! I have been using that the entire summer and absolutely love it. Most sunscreens have a weird smell or they are too fragrant for me to wear at work. This lotion in particular smells so clean and fresh; I haven’t received any complaints. I mix just a tiny bit in with my facial lotion and it really helps.

            Moral of my story is to ALWAYS bring sun protection with you! Even if you think it will be an overcast day with limited sunlight, you can still get burned.

            Sunburns can range from mildly uncomfortable to extremely painful. Not only can sunburns put a damper on summer fun, but the damage from UV rays is permanent. Why do you feel warm with sunburn even when you are out of the sun? The affected tissues are still full of UV radiation and so the skin continues to cook. Similar concept when cooking eggs; even after you remove the eggs from the heat, they still continue to cook.


         When you get sunburn several things happen; collagen, melanin, and elastin cells are damaged and usually permanently killed off. These cells are responsible for keeping the skin toned and firm. Yeah, you can always replenish your collagen but nothing beats the natural cellular production. Once elastin cells are gone, they do not regenerate (which is one of the few things our body does not rebuild or regenerate). YIKES! You also increase your chances for skin cancer the more you expose your skin to the sun.

            Be safe this summer and use sunscreen! There are so many different natural sun blockers that are not filled with chemicals and most commercial sunscreen products are making improvements to their products. The only instance I can think when you absolutely should not use a commercial sunscreen is if you are coral reef diving or going to the ocean. The chemicals found in mass produced sunscreen have been shown to damage coral reef. That’s why I highly recommend the more natural products like the Australian Gold. Refer back

**Disclaimer: This blog is based purely on my personal experience and is not a sponsored advertisement for the products mentioned. I do not own the rights to sell or manufacture these products. This is purely an opinion and recommendation blog. If you are interested in using these products please conduct your own research as well as skin testing to see if there is an allergic reaction. I am not liable for the misuse of any of these products Please consult your primary care physician for more information.**