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Simple hand strengthening exercise

We are a very flexor dominant society. What do I mean by that? We hunch forward and have tight pectoralis muscles, use our biceps more than triceps, sit too much and have tight hip flexors, etc. One area this is evident is the hands. We grip all the time. Usually grip strength isn’t the main problem. Getting a balance between flexion and extension in any area of the body is ideal. One exercise that can help with hand strength is working the finger extensors.

This can be done by taking a rubber band, putting them around the fingers, then opening your hand against the resistance. The tighter the rubber band is, the harder the workout. It is simple, cheap, and effective. This can help for thumb pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, elbow pain, and other areas that you may not have even considered.


Get in the habit of doing this daily and help to balance out the area of the body that we use every day. Remember, while grip strength is important, balance is even more important.