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Why does my pain return?


Most people come in for chiropractic treatment at Northwest Wellness because of some sort of pain.  There are times when patients know exactly what they were doing that caused the pain and then other times when the pain seemed to come out of nowhere. Usually, we can figure out the problem, fix it, and give advice on ways to help keep the pain from returning. But then there are those times when after treatment the pain decreases only to return hours or days later. In those cases, I tell patients that one way we can help with this is to figure out what activities they do most often and see if something with that could be causing the problem.

1.       Sleeping: Sleep position, pillow, and mattress. Ideally we would sleep on our sides or backs, but avoid the stomach and partial stomach frog leg position. Mattresses are personal preference to some degree. The extreme soft or firm are usually not preferable. The pillow should keep the head and neck in a neutral position by offering adequate support.

2.       Driving: Ideally you should have good lumbar support, sitting up straight, with the body in neutral position.

3.       Sitting at a desk: Think of the rule of 90s. The knees, hips, and elbows should be at a 90 degree angle with the feet flat on the floor and the mouse in close to the body. Your eyes should be looking at the top 1/3 of your screen. Your ears should be straight above your shoulders and not slouched in front of them.

4.       Standing/walking: Look to the feet and shoes. Proper footwear is so essential, especially when standing or walking for long periods. You may also need your feet adjusted or need custom orthotics to help stabilize the kinetic chain.

This is just a glimpse into areas that need to be addressed when pain subsides after adjustments, only to return hours or days later. Call our office today at 253-927-0660 to discuss your options.