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Fad diets-The Good, the bad, the ugly

So you’re probably asking, “So what does this have to do with fad dieting?” Well, let look a little closer! So with fad diets they usually advertise “Lose 20lbs in 2 weeks with this miracle diet,” “Shred your body fat without having to exercise,” or “HCG is the last diet you will ever need to do for your fitness needs.” So if everybody has different body types wouldn’t it make since to have something that is tailored to your specific needs and goals? Would it make sense that someone with 30% body fat at 160lbs with a majority of their fat in their stomach and someone who is at 15% body fat at 220lbs with body fat mostly in their legs, due to their prior lifestyle and eating habits, should be on the same dieting protocol? NO! No, No No!!!

One fad diet, for example, even though it can cause weight loss for one person, can cause another individual to gain weight. Let’s pretend “fad diets” are your favorite dress and that it’s a one size fits all dress. A dress on one lady may make her the most beautiful woman alive, but then if you put that same style dress on another lady who 2 inches shorter and about 15lbs heavier, then it wouldn’t be the best of choices for the shorter lady especially if it conflicts with her eyes. Same goes with nutrition, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable with a nutrition that was more customizable to your body type and isn’t a one size fits all approach?

That’s why there’s nutritionist, and people who specialize in helping people get to their goals weight whether it’s to lose weight or gain muscle. If nutrition was as easy as following a fad diet, then there wouldn’t be so many people complaining about the weight they’ve gained over the years.

Since we all live different lifestyles, and have different backgrounds on what kinds of foods that we eat, then it wouldn’t it make little sense to follow these fad diets since there’s not customization behind it. Be smart, if you have no idea on how to go about a nutrition plan then ask a professional or someone with experience. That will save you time, and the hassle and frustrations of going through the many cycles of trial and error when it comes to weight loss?