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Father's Day

I can say with absolute certainty that when it comes to having a newborn, both parents are doing their best. Though I myself am not a parent, I have MANY friends and family members that have become parents within the past 3-4 years. The chief complaints that I hear from the dads is that their upper back, shoulders, and lower back feel sore. It could be from cradling the infant and changes in habits from becoming a parent (i.e. sleep, body mechanics, etc). Massage gives the body a chance to de-stress and rejuvenate.

My own father suffers from chronic back pain, sinus pain congestion, allergies, as well as arthritis in both of his hands. A couple years ago I gave him his first hot stone massage. He was curious and since I was a fresh massage graduate, I enjoyed the practice. After his massage, he noted how much looser his back was and that the tension and pressure he was experiencing in his hands were gone. He had trouble sleeping in recent months leading up to this session. The next few nights he reported sleeping more soundly and pain free throughout the night.

For this Father’s Day, why not treat your father to a therapeutic massage. I say therapeutic because it combines relaxation as well as treatment work. Whether he is a first timer or has been a father for 20 plus years, all dads deserve a wellness massage.

Jennifer Roldan, LMP

Northwest Wellness, Federal Way, WA