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Looks like the sun is starting to make more of an appearance and the likelihood of acute injuries due to outdoor activities increases. One of the most common injuries during the warmer months is sprain/strain of muscles. I myself have repeated ankle sprains and am all too familiar with the protocol of what to do when such an injury occurs.

P- Protect the joint that has been injured. You can use either a wrap or a brace.

R- Rest. This part is the worst especially when it’s so nice out. Nevertheless, rest is vital with injury.

I- Ice brings down the inflammation and swelling.

C- Compression; usually comes along with the wrapping of the joint or with the use of a brace. Support is vital.

E- Elevation. Keeping the injured joint elevated preferably above heart level.

Follow the PRICE method and you’ll be back to being out and about in no time. Following up with a routine of stretches throughout the day will also help prevent injury. I do my ankle stretches every morning before I start the day and usually at the end of the day.

Jennifer Roldan, LMP Northwest WellnessFederal Way, WA