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New Year Resolutions


Another year is ending and most of us are thinking of our New Year’s resolutions. The majority of us are focusing on previous resolutions from our past that we have broken. So what are the steps to making sure you keep your resolutions?


·                   Be Realistic: A lot of times people aim to high, giving themselves unrealistic goals. This can lead to big disappointments when you don’t achieve your goals and can even discourage you from even trying. The best approach is take a honest look at your life; work, family, school, etc. Then focus on one or two of your most important goals. When you start achieving your goals with ease, it will start motivating you to start adding new goals to your list.


·                   Choose Carefully: While focusing on the bigger picture will give you the greatest fulfillment in life. It may not be the best next step for you. Break your goals into bite size pieces. Such as creating small realistic goals:: losing 5 pounds, going for a run once a week, or saving $30 a month.


·                   Buy a Calendar: This great way for you to plan your action steps for the next weeks or months. Visually seeing your calendar on the wall is a helpful way for you to see your next steps needed to take.


·                   Keep a scrapbook: Keep photos in your scrapbook of images that inspire you to achieve your goals. For example, you can fill your scrapbook up with photos of your slimmer self, pictures of items that you are saving up for, or even pictures of your family, colleagues, or friends if they are part of your motivation.


·                   Reward Yourself: Reward yourself with treats when you conquer your important milestones. An example of this is treating yourself to an hour massage for completing all of your hard workouts. Be careful not to reverse any hard work with overly treating yourself. An example of this would be a dieter saying, “I’ve been so good, I deserve a few candy bars.”


·                   Create a Support Group: Create your network of supportive, trustworthy family or friends that can help you stick with your goals. Let them know ways they can be there for you when the going gets tough, and it is hard to stick to your goals.


·                   You are in Charge: All of your achievements are under your control. Other people can advise you, but it is your actions that need to change to achieve the greatest results. It is very empowering to have a strong sense of control over your life. Without that control, it is easy to blame other people or circumstances for your lack of success.


·                   Don’t give up: From time to time, slip ups are inevitable. When this happen, focus on drawing on your support group, self-belief and strength. Also, focus on your past milestones that you conquered. Focus on really feeling proud of your past achievements, instead of becoming overly critical of your small slip ups. Immediately forgive yourself and say “I’m starting again now!” With higher confidence and self-esteem, you are in a better position to succeed.


Now you are in a great position to achieve your goals and improve your life this New Year. All of us here at Northwest Wellness are here to encourage and support you in achieving your health goals. Make an appointment with any of our health care providers to get a jump start in achieving your New Year’s resolutions!!